These days Editing photos on your smartphones is not a problem at all because of the free apps which are available on the appstore you can use them free of cost and make your photos obviously wonderful. In this post I wanted to share a good app which can do a lot of good to your photos. Here is the app AfterFocus brilliant one the best thing of this app is its blurring effect there is no app on the app store which can put as much brilliant Blur effect as this one So lets start the tutorial.

  • Download paid version is Here! this app from the Playstore.
  • Open "AfterFocus" 
  • Select "Take" for taking photo and "Select" for selecting photo already captured.
  • Once you selected choose "Smart" from "Which method do you prefer to select the area?" and also "Tick" "Remember the last Selection" and press "Continue"
  • You have your photo there is a "Menu bar" below with Six options in it saying "Focus", "Mid", "BG", "Eraser", "Zoom" and "Help"
  Here are the functions of these buttons
  • Focus:
                     This one is colored White use this tool on the object you want to focus or the point or thing which is center of attention.
  • Mid:
                  This one is colored Grey this tool will give your photo a mild blurry texture which means use this tool on the object and the area which is next to Object being focused.
  • BG:
                  It is colored in Black it will give you a full blurry effect and it should be used on the area farthest away. 
  • Eraser:
                       Eraser tool is used for Erasing.
  • Zoom:
                     This tool is uslrriued for Zooming.
  • Help:
                    This tool is for Help I've not used yet.

Lets start Editing

Step 1: Choose the thing you want to Focus:

             Select Focus tool and correctly make a dot or a few lines on the thing you will see all the Image turned to transparent Red color.

Step 2: Mild Blurring 

              Use the Mid tool for Mild blurring the area closer to the object being focused.

Step 3: Full Blurring:

             Now use this tool on the area Farthest to the object being focused and you will be able to see three different colored areas Red, MIld Red and Colorless,

Step 4: Effects:

             On the upper bar You will see and Arrow that will proceed you to the next step tap it and you will see a new bar below in which tap the first option named "Blur" it has two types "Lens Blur" and "Motion Blur" Lens Blur gives you a simple blur and Motion Blur is used on the photos in which a Focused body is moving so choose the one which suites you best and also you can increase or decrease the blur effect with the sliding bar in the blur option and once you're done (export this image by taping on the first option on the right side in the upper bar. ) Choose the "Filter1" tab and use the effect you like open "Filter2" tab There are four more effect use them if you like and you are done.

So there you go if you have an app with better effects drop that down in the comment box, need a tutorial send me the topic and also Share the post If you liked it.

21 Icon Packs You should Download.

Here is the list of best Icon Packs you should download. These are the best Icon Pack for 2014. They include both free and Paid. Most of the Icon Packs require some Launcher to work with so if you need help regarding launcher you should read this post
>> Top 10 Android Launchers
Let's Get started

21. 3D Icon  

The only reason it is at last place is that it is only compatible with GO Launcher because it is new. All we can do is that we can hope that the developers will update it to work with other launcher and will update new new Icons.

20. Faint 2.0

       This Icon pack is made to work with Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, GO, Smart, Aviate and with some others. Loaded with 1,073+ Icons all rendered at 192*192px and 15 wallpapers.

 19. Lumos

        This Icon pack works with Nova, Apex, Action, Solo, Smart, Aviate, Themer, Atom, Inspire, K.K, Unicorn, Holo, ADW, Nine and Launcher Pro. It has 1925+ Icons and Cloud based storage.                                                                                    


18. Flatro

      This icon pack is really good and works with many Launchers and it has really nice Flat look. The best thing about this Icon pack is that it has 1140+ Icons with 24 Minimal Wallpapers.                                                                                                                

17. Click UI                                                                                                    

    Beautiful Icon pack with bright colored boundary and nice color combination. The pack comes with  1290+ Icons with 13 HD Wallpapers in the pack too. The icon pack is supported with Nova , Apex, Action, GO, Solo, Trebuchet, Smart, Aviat, Next, KK, Nine, Unicon and ADW.

16. DAB

(Firstly I would have placed it some better place but I found them on my device a bit slow). The astounding icon pack very beautiful Icons shadowed, flat and grunge style icons have been made by the developer.This icon pack comes with 1040+ Icons and 24 Cloud based HD Wallpapers.This icon pack is compatible with Apex, Nova, Holo, ADW, Action, GO, Smart, Aviate, TouchWiz, Unicon.

15. Flatee

       Flatee icon pack has all the Icons in flat style and circular too. It will give you 1100+ icons and Cloud based wallpaper storage. This pack is compatible with Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, Smart, Holo, Aviate, GO, TSF, Themer.

Beautifully circled Icons in flat style, tailored with nice colors. The icon pack gives you 800+ icons to customize your phone and also it is 150 other in the Icon picker The pack is compatible with Apex, Nova, Action, ADW, Lightning, Launchy, GO, SSLauncher, TouchWiz.

13. Young Icon Pack

      This icon pack has bright colored simple icon pack. This icon pack will give you 144*144px HD icons and some HD Wallpapers.
As the pack is new therefore it is compatoible with Solo Launcher. 

12. Pop UI                                                                                                                      

This Icon pack has brightest icons in this list with round corners this icon pack is sure to give your phone a new look. This icon pack will give you 1070+ icons and 12 HD Wallpapers. This icon pack is compatible with Nova, Apex, Action, Go, Solo, Trebuchet, Smart, Aviate, Next, KK, Unicon and ADW. 

11. Peek

      This Icon pack has simple, flat, beautiful and awesome icons. Nova,Apex, Go, Holo, ADW.

10. Twint

        This icon pack come with great icon having sharp and nice texture. This icon pack comes with 1350+ HD icons rendered at 192*192px. It will also give you 36 HD wallpaper with cloud storage. This icon pack is compatible with  Apex, Next,  Action, Nova, ADW, GO, Holo, Action, Smart, TSF Shell, Aviate and Unicorn.                                                                                 

9. Umbra

     Really awesome concept lies behind this icon pack. This icon pack has circular icons with black glyph. All we can say that The icons are very attractive. It has over 990 Icons and 9 minimal wallpapers. This icon pack is compatible with Apex, Nova, ADW, Holo, Smart, Action Launcher.

8. Long Shadow

   This icon pack has beautiful, flat, and long projecting shadowed Icons. It will give you 1425+ Icons and 12 HD Wallpapers. This  icon pack is compatible wih Nova, Apex, Action, Go, Solo, Trebuchet, Smart, Aviate, Next, KK, Nine, Unicon and ADW Launchers.

7. Minimal UI

     The name tells you what it is Minimal Icon pack the best thing about this icon pack is that icons are in Minimal Style , Flat and Bright. Also the icons are Multicolored and Black and white. This icon apck comes with 1425+ Icons and 12 HD Wallpapers. The icon pack is compatible with Nova, Apex, Action, GO, Solo, Smart, Aviaate, Next, K.K, Nine, Unicorn and Trebucheet Launcher.


6. Vlakte

The best thing in this icon pack is that the icons are sharp and bright giving you perfect visual. The squared icon pack gives you HD rendered 1000+ icons to enhance your android experience. The pack is compatible with Nova, Apex, ADW, GO, Next Smart and Holo Launcher.

5. AroundFull

 Firstly you can also check the AroundLite pack Here!. So the icon pack has unique multi colored, bright, transparent and beautiful icons to make your screen awesome. This icon pack will give you 1040+ HD icons and 6 HD Wallpapers. The icon pack is compatible with Nova, Apex, ADW, Next, GO, Action, SS, Smart, Holo, TSF Shell, Unicorn, Aviate etc.

4. Axis

 This icon pack has perfectly textured icons (the reason of its existence at this place). It is shadowed, flat, and grunge style icons.This icon pack comes with 1800+ HD Icons and 12 HD Wallpapers. This pack supports Nova, Apex, Action, ADW, Next, GO, Aviate, K.K, Smart, Holo, Atom, TSF Shell, Inspire, Solo, Themer, Unicoorn, Desktop Visualizer and may be some more.

 3. Velur

(NOTE: By the time I have wrote this post the pack comes at 50% discount.)
This icon pack has icons in which there is circular boundary and yes the icons are fully flat and bright to give your phone a new look. This icon pack comes with 2,210 192*192 rendered icons and 44 HD wallpapers. This icon pack is compatible with Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Inspire, Nova, Smart, Solo, TSF Shell, k.k and may be some more.

 2. PAD

     This icon pack has bright, flat, and decent icons. This icon pack is compatible with Nova, Unicorn, Apex, Aviate, Action, GO, Next Holo, Smart, ADW, Next, TSF Shell, Insptre, K.K, Nine, Themer, Lucid and some others. The icon pack comes with 1240+ Icons icluding Black and White. 57 wallpapers are also included in this pack.

2. Hekz 

The creators of Rounded UP icon pack brought this icon pack to you. The thing which makes this pack stands this place is that it come in two style Artistic and Matte. The attractive icon pack offers you 1600+ Icons all 144*144 px rendered. The pack is compatible with Apex, Nova, Action, ADW, GO, Lightning, SSL, TSF Shell, Smart, Holo, VTL, Unicorn, and Atom Launcher

1. Magma UI

     What about this one! this icon pack comes in only three colors this is the most unique icon pack in this list. All the icons are HD. This one will surely give your phone a great look. The pack comes with 1000+ HD icons with in app 8 wallpapers. This one is compatible with Holo, ADW, Nova, Apex, GO, Aviate, Xperia Home, Smart Launcher and more.

1. Meteor                                                                                                             

The best thing about this Icon pack is the Concept which make it Unique. Circled icons with tailing internal part giving the perfect Meteor look.The pack is compatible with ADW, Holo, Apex, Nova, Aviate, Smart, Go, Themer and maybe some more. The pack comes with 720+ Icons all rendered at 192*192px with cloud based wallpaper storage.  

and don't forget to share it.

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