Top 10 Android Launchers


Top 10 Android Launchers

  10. Aviate Beta

      This app is introduced by Yahoo. This app is packed with many Features. The best includes is Auto Categorization. The other thing because of which this app stands in this list is that the Homescreen automatically changes throughout the day because of its adapting feature. When you wake up it will tell you long you have slept the weather and the news which means its really awesome.



  9.  Action Launcher

      This App is real good if you are a working person and you need to find out the apps it has the perfect remedy for you and the remedy comes in the form of a sliding widget which consists of all the apps arranged alphabetically. This app has been featured in the LifeHacker, Google Play and  Engadget. It will give your phone a look of android 4.4 because of sleek and similar design. This app is Tab supported too.



  8. Apex Launcher

      The big deal this app is giving you is you can easily customize the Icons of your app with this launcher. It can also give you a customizable homescreen. It has been equipped with awesome transitions to make your android experience cool. It will also give you access to Gesture Navigation.


7. GoogleNow Launcher

    The best thing about this app is that just say OK Google and speak   your search queries order your phone to do something like to play a song, send a message etc. It is equipped with faster search and easy access to your favourite google apps (gmail, google+ etc). If you use your google apps often this one is for you.



  6. Turbo Launcher

     This is a real good launcher. It has awesome themes and wallpapers all for you with no price which means its totally free so its a really useful app. Moreover, this app is giving you great transition which is also free of cost. It is also giving you some awesome widgets. It has great gesture for your help. It is also giving you free screen locker that's amazing. But it can not be run on tablets.


 5. Dodol Lancher

      This one is really good if you want many themes with custom icons and wallpapers. This app cones with some of the best widgets including one touch memory deleter. All the themes are free to use.


 4. Nova Launcher

     One of the most famous android launcher is here Nova Launcher. It has really good themes, icon, transition but it does not give you much if you its free version for everything you have to pay That's all. 


  3. Go Launcher EX

      It is the same as above many themes, widgets, icon editors etc but   you have to pay to get more the best thing about this launcher is that Go team the maker of this launcher has also made some other apps like Go sms pro etc that work really good and will give you a good experience.


2. Buzz Launcher

      This one is great with thousands of themes to view them CLICK HERE!. This app will give you access to share your home screen with your friends, you can use gestures, widgets and much more.        


1. Themer Launcher

      This launcher is similar to the one above it but it will give your auto   categorization. It also supports many icon packs available on play store.    


Some other good launchers:

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