How to edit your photo with your smartphone?

These days Editing photos on your smartphones is not a problem at all because of the free apps which are available on the appstore you can use them free of cost and make your photos obviously wonderful. In this post I wanted to share a good app which can do a lot of good to your photos. Here is the app AfterFocus brilliant one the best thing of this app is its blurring effect there is no app on the app store which can put as much brilliant Blur effect as this one So lets start the tutorial.

  • Download paid version is Here! this app from the Playstore.
  • Open "AfterFocus" 
  • Select "Take" for taking photo and "Select" for selecting photo already captured.
  • Once you selected choose "Smart" from "Which method do you prefer to select the area?" and also "Tick" "Remember the last Selection" and press "Continue"
  • You have your photo there is a "Menu bar" below with Six options in it saying "Focus", "Mid", "BG", "Eraser", "Zoom" and "Help"
  Here are the functions of these buttons
  • Focus:
                     This one is colored White use this tool on the object you want to focus or the point or thing which is center of attention.
  • Mid:
                  This one is colored Grey this tool will give your photo a mild blurry texture which means use this tool on the object and the area which is next to Object being focused.
  • BG:
                  It is colored in Black it will give you a full blurry effect and it should be used on the area farthest away. 
  • Eraser:
                       Eraser tool is used for Erasing.
  • Zoom:
                     This tool is uslrriued for Zooming.
  • Help:
                    This tool is for Help I've not used yet.

Lets start Editing

Step 1: Choose the thing you want to Focus:

             Select Focus tool and correctly make a dot or a few lines on the thing you will see all the Image turned to transparent Red color.

Step 2: Mild Blurring 

              Use the Mid tool for Mild blurring the area closer to the object being focused.

Step 3: Full Blurring:

             Now use this tool on the area Farthest to the object being focused and you will be able to see three different colored areas Red, MIld Red and Colorless,

Step 4: Effects:

             On the upper bar You will see and Arrow that will proceed you to the next step tap it and you will see a new bar below in which tap the first option named "Blur" it has two types "Lens Blur" and "Motion Blur" Lens Blur gives you a simple blur and Motion Blur is used on the photos in which a Focused body is moving so choose the one which suites you best and also you can increase or decrease the blur effect with the sliding bar in the blur option and once you're done (export this image by taping on the first option on the right side in the upper bar. ) Choose the "Filter1" tab and use the effect you like open "Filter2" tab There are four more effect use them if you like and you are done.

So there you go if you have an app with better effects drop that down in the comment box, need a tutorial send me the topic and also Share the post If you liked it.

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